You Don’t Know Squat

Are you ready World? In the next few years, you are going to be hearing more and more about the health benefits of the squat. Just like the barefoot movement I blogged about yesterday, the “squat movement” is going to happen in a big way, once everyone realizes that your Pelvic Floor, Hip, and Knee health require regular squatting.
If you haven’t squatted in the last million years (besides the two times you went camping and peed on your shoe), it’s going to take awhile to prepare your joints. Be patient, it’s worth it. Those of you with knee and hip replacements or other contraindications should stick to the first few “prep” exercises and avoid the weight bearing squat. Artificial equipment is not designed to have the same ranges of motion as real joints nor can some surgical repairs take the downward pressures created by straining muscles. Bummer, I know. (But to stave off surgeries of the hips and knees, etc. start this program now!)
To help you, I’ve created a step-by-step “preparing your body to squat program” you can begin right now. All you need is a yoga mat, or thick towel blanket. Let’s go!
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