Healthy Foods To Reduce Clogging Of Arteries

Clogged arteries due to the accumulation of fat and cholesterol can lead to cardio-vascular diseases. This can be essentially detrimental to the health of people, leading to many deaths. Taking precautions in order to prevent the cropping up of diseases is necessary. It is even more useful if the dietary changes are made accordingly to reduce the growing health issue.

The increasing cardiac arrests

Cardiovascular diseases amount for up to 7 lakh deaths in America per year. Taking care to prevent heart attacks and strokes becomes the immediate issue to look after, especially after it has been increasing at an alarming rate and has victimized people from various age groups. Heart diseases are caused due to increased risks of stress and depression, smoking and alcohol consumption, and consumption of food which has high amount of cholesterols, especially junk food!

These can result in accumulation of fat in the blood vessels or thickening of the blood that restricts proper blood flow. A slower rate of blood flow creates a pressure on the heart, forcing it to pump blood even faster. Some readily identifiable symptoms are of frequent chest pains, sore throat, muscle pain, and numb feet and hands.

Blocked arteries

The regular flow of blood can face major setbacks due to clogged arteries. The extra pressure created on our heart to push blood through clogged arteries, other than the natural way of pumping blood, causes the muscles to work rapidly, leading to stress and an increase in chances of cardiac arrests.

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