Warming Cayenne Pepper — Ginger — St. John’s Wort Salve for Aches


Several years ago, when I was having some lower back pain, I came across an analgesic salve made for back pain at Costco.  It was made with herbs.  It worked perfectly.  It was soothing, pain relieving, and didn’t make me drowsy.  Most of the over the counter pills for back pain made me feel like I was in a perpetual fog.   I hated that feeling.  When I went back to Costco to get a second jar, they no longer carried it.  When you are relying on a supplier for your herbal remedies you may find that the supply dries up.  When you make your own herbal salves you aren’t dependent on being able to find what you need at the store.
When your back is sore, your muscles are over worked, or your joints are a little stiff, warm them up with this quick to make herbal salve.  Cayenne pepper salve is warming and pain relieving.  I like to add Ginger for an increase in warmth.  Ginger is anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving.  St. John’s Wort Oil helps with shooting pains, and stiffness, making normal movement easier.

Salve making is one of the basic skills of home grown healing.  Moms and Grandmas have been making salve in the kitchen from herbs gathered in the wild or from the garden for hundreds of years.  You can make an herbal salve in 30 minutes in your own kitchen, while you are doing other things.
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