How to Make Comfrey Salve For Bumps, Bruises, Broken Bones


Comfrey is an amazing herb. This comfrey salve is a must have for your home herbal apothecary.

Comfrey is known to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and decongestant properties. It is also known as one of the herbs to heal broken bones.

I like to have this salve to use on bumps and bruises. Comfrey root salve has been shown to be a bone knit herbal remedy. Comfrey bone healing research shows it helps reduce the time in healing.  With kids in taekwondo, and a busy homestead, broken bones, bumps and bruises happen on a regular basis around here.
I usually make a batch of this every three months or so to keep up with demand. You only need some dried comfrey, which you can find at my affiliate partner, and some carrier oil. I used fractionated coconut oil (find it here), but you can use almond, jojoba, hemp seed, or even olive oil for this.
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