Rice Water: Benefits and Uses for Health & Beauty

So how many of us avoid eating rice thinking that it might make us fat and bulgy? Well it is true that rice do make us fat! Well, most of us just know the bad effects of eating rice we do not consider or pay any attention on how we are using the crop! In reality rice do play tremendous healthy jobs for you! Yes! It is true; rice is one of the most important crops. The main reason behind avoiding rice is the way your use! You mainly use it for eating purposes but when you will get to know the various other methods of using rice then it might be one of your favorite grocery items! Rice water is one of the ancient kind of shampoo which was used to grow healthy hair or it was also been used as a good moisturizer to cure skin problems. Rice water is also beneficial for health related issues. Before you may know how good rice water is, you may first know how to prepare it.
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