7 Popular Essential Oils for the Diffuser


Depending on density and molecular makeup, some essential oils work better when applied directly to the skin after dilution with a carrier oil. Others seem to offer the best benefits when they are added to foods and recipes. Many essential oils are perfect for diffusing, because of their inherent chemical composition. The following 7 essential oils are among the most popular for use with a diffuser.

The fresh, calming, peaceful aroma of the lavender plant is perfect for diffusing. Diffusers work through a number of different methods to infuse your local atmosphere with aromatic essential oils. Lavender is known as one of the most versatile essential oils because it works well in cleaning recipes, it can be topically applied or diffused aromatically, and it provides a number of mental and physical health benefits. Diffusing the wonderful lavender aroma into the air provides nearly instant relief from stress, anxiety and depression.
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