Whether you’ve been lacking some sleep lately or are genetically blessed with dark circles, a great under-eye concealer is your best friend (that, and a pair of oversized sunglasses).

When searching for an under-eye concealer, look for formulas that are full coverage and long-lasting, but don’t crease or look cakey (no one wants crepey looking under-eyes!). Opt for a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation, and apply it in an upside down triangle shape under each eye to really brighten the under-eye area and add some dimension to the face.  A wash of concealer over the eyelid, followed by a dusting of translucent powder, is a great way to prep the eyelids for eye shadow too if you don’t own an eye shadow primer (this trick works just as well as one, if not better!). Perhaps most importantly, make sure you’ve prepped your under-eyes with a good eye cream at least 30 minutes prior to applying makeup to keep your under-eye area looking smooth and plump, and to stop your concealer clinging to any dry patches. If you haven’t already.


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