10 Amazing Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are deep, dark and can make you look absolutely stunning. Beautiful brown eyes look so gorgeous and can match a whole selection of stunning makeup looks which will showcase your peepers to perfection. Indeed, brown eyes work with a host of incredible warming shades, hues and tones – working together to create makeup looks which are simply to die for. Here at Styles Weekly, we’re passionate about bringing you makeup looks which will suit you. Here’s 10 makeup ideas for brown eyes that you will simply adore.

Red Toned Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes are a true staple look in the makeup repertoire of almost any girl. Those luscious warming tones create an eye makeup look which will never go out of fashion. With brown eyes however, you can get away with implementing red tones into your look. Start with gold in the inner corner and blend out towards a dark, matte shade of red for a unique twist on a smokey eye classic.

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