How To Get rid of Dowager’s Hump With This Simple Exercises?

To avoid kyphosis, or a hunchback or dowager’s hump, first and foremost make sure that you are getting enough calcium into your body. Don’t wait until you are 50 years old to do this. Start early. Secondly, engage in specific kyphosis exercises, which should prevent you from developing a hump. In addition, keep moving. If you sit too much, your abdominal muscles will weaken and the hamstrings in the back of your legs will tighten up. This makes a person slouch and develop a hump.

Chest Stretch

Do the chest stretch, according to (see References). This entails lying on a mat with your knees bent and your hands placed at the base of your skull. Gently press your elbows into the floor. You will feel a pull under the armpits and across your chest. Keep your ribs and shoulder blades against the mat at all times. Release your elbows and then repeat this exercise until you can feet the tight muscles in your chest releasing tension.

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