Skin Aging Early? These 5 Daily Habits Could Be the Reason


As much as there are factors out of our control (what am I supposed to do about all the pollution clogging up my skin?), ultimately a lot of our epidermis woes are the result of our own behavior. Our bad habits show up in our skin (so even after that hangover subsides, it’s lingering on your face), causing uneven tone, sensitivity and, the big one: aging. Here are the top five reasons your skin isn’t at its best right now:


This is the No. 1 culprit for premature aging, says Miranda Kerr’s facialist, Ildi Pekar. “Fine lines, which are found mainly on the face, are caused by stress. Deeper wrinkles around the eyes show signs of stressed skin. Wrinkles directly in the center of the forehead also signify aging caused by stress — they are known as worry lines.”
Believe it: Stress doesn’t just make you anxious, it also ages your skin, according to Pekar. She suggests de-stressing using aromatherapy, which calms your mind down. “Use essential oils at home or go to a professional. Give yourself a 5- to 10-minute face massage which relaxes your skin muscles, exercise regularly, or meditate weekly.”
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