Yes, I make out with my jar of coconut oil sometimes because that is how much I LOVE it! I use coconut oil for so many different DIY beauty items (I’ve never once cooked with it. Ha!), but my favorite beauty use for coconut oil is in my hair. I do this once a week and it really makes a huge difference.
To be honest, you can actually skip a couple of these steps to make it even easier, and you’ll still see amazing results. If you don’t feel like putting your hair in a shower cap or hot towel, you don’t have to. Sometimes, I’ll just throw it up in a bun and call it good. The heat just makes your hair cuticles open up so that the coconut oil can penetrate the hair faster. But if you don’t apply heat, your hair will still look amazing. I also skip the egg mixture most of the time because eggs absolutely disgust me. I don’t want to crack an egg, smell an egg, touch an egg, eat an egg, or have anything to do with an egg (unless its in a cookie 😉 ). Washing with an egg will help to cut through the oils and grease to make it easier to get all the coconut oil out of your hair. It also helps to strengthen/thicken  your hair and add shine. But eggs make me gag so I usually just wash my hair like 4 times with regular shampoo to get all the oil out. Occasionally I get brave and do the egg mixture. lol.
Benefits of the COCONUT OIL HAIR MASK:
-moisturizes your hair and scalp
-helps get rid of dandruff
-contains vitamins for strong, healthy hair
-helps hair to grow
-gives you shiny hair
If you haven’t done a coconut oil hair mask before, you need to do it asap! Trust me, your hair will thank you for it 🙂

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