20 Medications That Cause Memory Loss, Stop Using Them

If you are having trouble remembering things and you have taken some of the medications we are about to talk about, then that might be the problem. In the past, doctors thought that memory loss was only a part of the aging process. However, nowadays, scientists claim that memory loss is not inevitable. Actually, our brain can grow new cells and reshape the connection during life.

A lot of people are aware of all the things that can cause memory loss, like for instance alcohol and drugs, also, head injuries, strikes, heavy smoking, severe stress, sleep deprivation, lack of vitamin B12, or illnesses like Alzheimer’s. What most people do not know that some prescribed drugs can also affect your memory.
Unfortunately, the number one death cause in the United States is adverse drug reactions. Actually, prescription drugs cause more than 100.000 deaths per year, and over 1.5 million hospitalized patients that have experienced adverse drug effects.
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