Cute Braided Space Bun Hairstyles

Fun and Easy Braid Hairstyles for Party Time

Braid hairstyles seem to be the most flexible. In addition to this, they are simply brilliant. A braid may be a self-sufficient hairstyle, and it may embellish simple wavy hair, as well. The variety of braids, which is, by the way, infinite, provides us with the possibility to adjust it to any occasion. Be it formal event or informal meeting, a braid hairstyle is like from Rihanna’s song – “what you came for”.

1.Cute Braided Space Bun Hairstyles

With the holidays almost knocking on your door, you should be ready to greet them in all your beauty armor. Adding two voluminous braided buns to the festive look is what you need!

.Dutch Braid Ideas for Christmas

Voluminous Dutch braids are what you need for a fancy Christmas party if your hair is extra-long. Make it two to look both elegant and fancy.

.Beautiful Crowned Hairstyles for Long Hair

Holiday season is the best time to make yourself look and feel like a princess. A nice braided crown is what you need to add to those gorgeous, waved locks of yours!

4.Braided Updo Ideas for Long Hair

However you match two different styles, the outcome is always fantastic. Just look at this transition of a fishtail braided crown into a gorgeous twisted low bun! Terrific!

5.Braided Ponytail Ideas for This Winter

ponytail is always a nice idea if you know the ways to spice things up. Making you braided low pony extra messy is exactly what you may want to try out!

6.Updo Braid Hairstyle Ideas for Perfect Look

If you are a fan of all possible kind of updos, we have something for you! How about a voluminous braid twisted around your head? Leave a few strands out for the greater effect!

7.Fishtail Hairstyle Ideas for Christmas

8.Braided Updo Hairstyles

Long hair cuts give us more room to experiment with braids than short haircuts for thick hair. Try to combine a braid with buns, headband, wavy or curly hair. All these options look stylish and elegant.

9.Fun Hairstyles with Braids

Braids look great disregarding your hair color. And in order to prevent hair loss, be very attentive while styling. Try to involve appliances as little as possible. They influence the structure of our hair to a great extent and can cause a serious damage.

10.Fabulous Braid Hairstyles

Use these ideas to create your perfect Cristmas look!


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