Because it’s always better when the dish comes out of the oven.

You are invited to dinner, and you bring the dessert? It’s time to discover your chocolate mellow recipe. Only problem: it must stay warm! Neither one nor two, you draw your sewing machine to make a pie bag. It will hold the dish perfectly, and keep it warm while avoiding burns. To your machines! 

The material

– two squares of cotton or linen fabric of 60 cm side
– a 10 cm by 100 cm fabric ribbon
– a square of fleece for pot holders (treated fire) of 50 cm of side
– a sewing machine
– wire
– a needle
– pins
– scissors
– a pencil

Budget: 30 euros
Time: 3 hours
1. Draw two 50 cm squares in your tissues, one 70 cm by 8 cm rectangle and two 15 cm by 8 cm rectangles. Cut out by adding 1 cm seam allowance.
2. Pin the square of fleece on the underside of the fabric inside your bag.
3. Turn everything over, and draw some patterns on the fabric area to create the quilting.
4. Sew the machine in the straight stitch, according to the patterns drawn. Your fabric is now quilted, and the fleece is in place.
5. Fold the three rectangles of fabric in half lengthwise. Then sew at the right stitch at the edge, to create a tube. Turn them over so that the seams are invisible.
6. Pin the long band diagonally across the quilted fabric. Form two loops with the other two bands, on the two opposite opposite corners.
7. Now pin the square of fabric for the outside of your bag on the quilted fabric. Make sure to pin the two fabrics right side to side.
8. Sew in the right stitch all around the bag, taking care to take the ribbons of fabric in the seams. Leave 10 cm opening and cut corners to be able to turn the bag over.
9. Flip your bag over and close the opening with a few dots in your hand.
10.Your bag is ready! Here’s how to fold it:
In the end
To personalize your bag, you can vary fabrics, ribbons or stitching patterns. Always prefer natural materials like cotton or linen, which will withstand the heat better. Indulge yourself, then get a practical and unique bag. Thanks to the folding, this pie bag will adapt to the size of all your dishes and can be carried for your dinners or picnics. Expect to be invited more often!