Things To Know About Lip Enhancement


Most fashion observers would agree that it was Angelina Jolie’s instant rise to fame that engaged the attention of the world towards the advantages of having fuller, luscious lips. Her pout is often quoted as the more desirable feature by women who are asked about one celebrity body feature they would like to get. Back home, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Katrina Kaif are famous for their pouty lips but neither of them is even close to Jolie’s bucket-sized pout.
The Bigger Pout Fascination
The fascination with bigger lips is quite understandable with most beautiful women, ranging from India’s Madhubala & Madhuri Dixit to Hollywood’s Marilyn Monroe & Scarlett Johansson having naturally fuller lips. Most stylists opine that a bigger pout lends a touch of sensuousness, making it easier for women to exude oomph. Even when touched with the lightest of gloss, a big pout looks juicy and enticing.

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