The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Makeup Based on Your Face Shape

today’s modern woman is armed with resources for learning how to apply makeup and which beauty products she should try. There are thousands of videos and written tutorials on the web but surprisingly, few discuss the essential consideration when selecting makeup and that is, the shape of your face. Since your face is your canvas, it only makes sense that you know what shape it is and more importantly, how your face shape can actually impact your choice of makeup looks and techniques. Just as certain styles of clothing complement specific body shapes, makeup choices can also complement specific face shapes. This also means makeup that looks great on one woman, may not work as well on another. Before we consider what makeup techniques will be most flattering for your particular face shape, let’s briefly go over the five face shapes so that you know exactly what you are working with!

Determining Your Face Shape

The aim of finding makeup to suit your face shape is to highlight and enhance features of your face that are most attractive. To determine your face shape, start with a clean and fresh face and place a headband around your head so that all the hair is pulled away from your face. Look in the mirror and determine the lines of your face following your hairline down to your chin. You may even want to use an eyeliner or lip pencil to draw the line on top of your reflection in the mirror.
There are five distinct face shapes and they are: oval, square, heart-shaped, round, and oblong. Every face is slightly different so look at yours and decide what shape it most closely resembles. Is your forehead wider than your chin? Does your chin taper at a point or is it more round? Do your cheekbones extend as wide as the top part of your face? Of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and face length, the largest will likely determine your face shape.

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