The Best Vitamins for Women’s Health


Vitamins. With so many on offer, it’s hard to know what you actually really need.

There’s multivitamins, super green supplements, ten thousand different combinations and formulas and every type seems to have a different dosage – but what are the best vitamins for women?

Whilst vitamin needs will vary, I’ve listed the top six vitamins for women – as well as what health benefits each supplement can offer.


Why You Should Take It: 
Iron is essential for a wide variety of functions in the body, including supporting immune function and oxygen flow throughout the body, maintaining muscle function and improving energy levels.

Vitamin B12

Why You Should Take It: 
Vitamin B12 supports proper brain, nerve and cardiovascular function whilst improving energy and mood. You’ll find that Vitamin B12 is commonly paired with folate – this is because they depend one another for proper absorption and function.


Why You Should Take It: 
Biotin or B7 is needed for energy and amino acid metabolism and fat and glycogen synthesis and can help to strengthen and improve the health of your hair and nails whilst also boosting skin health and vitality.

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