The Best Foods to Help Alleviate Your Worst Period Symptoms

ndisputed fact: Periods typically aren’t fun, and many of us spend a lot of time and money trying to curb the difficult and painful side effects, such as cramps and uncontrollable mood swings. There seems to be a pill or potion for just about every symptom, but there’s also plenty of healing power in the food we eat. And since we could all use more health-conscious habits and cost-effective hacks, we’re ready to take back control with an expert-approved plan for that time of the month.

With the help of Charles Passler, DC, nutritionist and the founder of Pure Change; and Dr. Luke Bucci, PhD, CCN, CNS, the VP of R&D for Ritual; we’ve put together a primer on the best foods for relieving the most common period symptoms. Of course, the gamut doesn’t stop here, but it’s certainly a good place to start. Step away from the junk food and add these nutritious ingredients to your shopping list, STAT.



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