Tennis Ball Tricks for Relieving Pain in your Back, Neck, Shoulders, Hip, Knees, Feet and more…

A chronic lack of sleep, a crowded subway or long commute, a sedentary lifestyle with hours on hours of sitting in an uncomfortable office chair looking at a 15-inch screen all take their toll on our bodies and lead us down the road of painful back, neck, and leg problems. In this fast world many don’t have the luxury or taking a break and visiting a physiotherapist or chiropractor and need a solution equally fast, but also easy and simple enough to be able to add it into their daily routine without disturbing their schedule. For today’s exercise, two tennis balls are all you need! Perform these simple exercises as often as you can and you might just be able to avoid a trip to the doctor.

1. Back pain

In the majority of cases back pain isn’t caused by anything serious and gets better over time. However, sometimes the pain can last a long time or keep coming back, which is why a small effort on your part can pay dividends in the long run. To relieve pressure on your back caused by a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture or standing all day, try this exercise:

  • Lying down, place two tennis balls under your back lengthwise, between the tailbone and the ribs (be careful not to place them directly under the spine!);
  • Start moving your hips on both sides, so that the balls roll down the back and massage it. If you want, you can put the balls in a sock so they don’t roll away. As with the rest of these exercises, you should find a pressure that’s comfortable to you. So if you feel the need to, perform this exercise on a softer surface or place a towel under your neck as a support.

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