Soothing Vapor Bath Soak

When cold and flu season hits there is very little that can bring you comfort besides some good medicine and a hot bath or shower. If you are a shower fan I have these Homemade Shower Vapor Discs or the DIY Vapor Rub Bombs that will bring you some amazing relief. But, if you are a soak in a hot tub kind of patient but still want to enjoy a head clearing essential oil combo this Cold & Flu Vapor Bath Soak is a must have in your DIY bath and body arsenal.

It combines eucalyptus, lavender, and sore muscle soothing and detoxifying Epsom salts to create a soak that opens up your stuffy nose and relaxes you for relief!  You need just a few ingredients so let’s get started so you have a batch ready when cold and flu season blows through.


2 cups Epsom Salt

1 cup baking soda

1 T. coconut oil

15 drops eucalyptus essential oil

15 drops lavender essential oil

8  drops tea tree essential oil

*optional- soap colorant


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl until thoroughly mixed.

If you are going to color your bath soak, stir in soap safe colorant. I combined blue and yellow to create a green to easily identify my soothing vapor bath soak. Add until your desired color is reached.

Transfer your mixture to a jar with a tight-fitting lid, a quart mason jar is a perfect fit. Include a small measuring cup for scooping out your bath soak. I make a batch for myself and one to keep on hand to treat a sick friend or family member when they really need it!

To use: Pour 1/2 cup to 1 cup of crystals under running water, soak for at least 20 minutes to get the best result from your vapor soak.

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