Pom Pom Love Birds


Pom Pom Love Birds, an Adorably Unique Valentine 

Have you noticed that Valentine’s Day seems to be a bigger deal for elementary schoolers than adults sometimes? Every year kids bring in personalized valentines for each member of their class. As adorable as the tradition is, it can be hard to make those valentines stand out. Here is our take on a unique, kid-friendly valentine that is just as fun to craft as it is to give! Craft up some loving yarn birds using various pom pom sizes for an afternoon of simple and safe DIY fun with your little ones.


  • Pom Pom Makers
  • Low Temp Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Black Beads


  1. Gather your materials and print the PDF template below. Cut out each piece of the template as a guide for cutting the felt beak, wings and tail.
  2. Use your pom pom makers to create two poms, one slightly larger than the other. To give the love birds a white belly, fill one-quarter of the pom pom maker with white yarn.
  3. Trim poms poms to create even, fluffy circles. Leave the tail of yarn if you would like to turn these yarn birds into ornaments!
  4. Glue the head onto the body.
  5. Glue the black beads onto the head to give your love birds eyes.
  6. Stack the triangle pieces of felt and glue to the face to make the beak.
  7. Stack the two tail pieces with the smaller piece on top of the larger. Glue to the base of the body.
  8. Glue the wings to the side of the body. Voila! Find our step-by-step photo tutorial below for this project.


The most important tool for making yarn birds is a pom pom maker. We used Clover pom pom makers in Small (link in Shop this Project), but of course you can make love birds in any size. Pom pom makers come in packs with two slightly different sizes, so you can use the smaller size for the head and the larger size for the body. There are lots of different types of yarn, but we used a basic acrylic yarn for our pom poms. The acrylic yarn has a fluffier appearance and is better for kid’s crafts because of its affordability. Win-win! Feel free to get creative with your color selection. If you need some help venturing into the world of pom pom making, you can reference our original pom pom post with a photo tutorial. As far as felt goes, some of our favorite felt sources are Benzie Design, A Child’s Dream Come True and Felt on the Fly.

Run With It!

To turn these love birds into individual valentines, all you need to do is tie a pretty ribbon around the neck with a cute Valentine’s Day tag! For more yarn pom pom animals, be sure to take a look at our collection of adorable yarn farm animals. Browse all of our yarn pom pom projects, or head over to our membership page to start crafting with us. We love getting you in on the creative process, so leave a comment to let us know some projects you’d like to see next!