Overnight Beauty Tips with Honey

Honey can be used in many different ways to treat your skin and hair, so here are few ways to use honey in an overnight beauty treatment. Use honey in your beauty regime for a healthy, glowing skin as well as beautiful hair.  Honey is very moisturizing and skin soothing therefore honey will keep the skin dryness aways and also soothes the irritated skin.

Dry Lips: Exfoliate your lips and apply a thin layer of honey on your lips before going to bed,  to wake up to soft, smooth lips. Your lips will become smooth and moisturized with the gentle care of honey.
Split Ends: Get rid of split ends overnight by using honey, mix 2 tsp of olive oil with a tsp of honey and apply it just to the ends of your hair to moisture and treat the dry ends.

Pimple / Acne: Honey contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that thwart bacteria that can lead to breakouts. The enzymes in raw honey clarify skin and keep pores clear and clean. Using a cotton swab dab a bit of honey on the zit as a overnight spot treatment, the anti bacterial properties in honey will dry it up. Overnight Acne Scar removal with natural remedies
Moisturizer: Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air into the skin and ensures it’s retained it in the layers where it’s needed most for penetrating, long-lasting hydration. For glowing skin, add a small amount of honey to your night cream or aloe vera gel, massage the cream into your skin before going to bed. Aloe vera contains healing and antimicrobial properties which help to treat acne. It also soothes the inflammation and reduces the redness.
Blackheads: Lemons are filled with AHA’s and BHA’s which remove dead skin cells and help clear up blackheads.  Mix a teaspoon of honey with 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply to the area that is prone to blackheads like nose and chin. Rinse off in the morning. Peel Off Mask to Clear blackheads and shrink Pores
Cuticles: Raw honey is loaded with nutrients and enzymes to nourish and heal skin, and it’s a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture into the skin. Coconut oil conditions and protects, while the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar softens hard skin and balances pH for healthy growth. Mix one teaspoon honey with one teaspoon coconut oil. Rub over each cuticle.
Hair Highlighter: The enzyme glucose oxidase in honey slowly releases hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient known to lighten hair color. Mix one tablespoon honey with six tablespoons of organic chamomile tea. Spray the mixture on your hair and use a shower cap or a few sheets of plastic wrap to cover your hair. Let sit overnight. Rinse off in the morning. TEA HAIR RINSES for healthy beautiful hair
Scar: Honey is said to lighten skin, and its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds help to decrease the appearances of scars and increase healing and tissue regeneration.  Apply honey on scar before going to bed and cover it with a bandage to lighten it. Manuka honey is a form for medical honey which facilitates the formation of collagen to give you younger-looking skin and reduces acne scars. Just apply honey on scars daily and see how scars get buffed out.

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