Never Ignore These Warning Signs Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

The deficiency of vitamin B12, or hypocobalaminemia, refers to the reduced levels of this vitamin in the blood.

It is manifested by many signs and symptoms, many of them related to the psychological and emotional health.
The most common cause include reduced intake, the use of certain medications, genetics, malnutrition, poor absorption from the stomach or intestines, chronic inflammation of the stomach, intestinal parasites, and more.
This is due to the fact that this vitamin is a powerhouse, and is essential for the healthy function of the brain, the production of DNA, nerve and blood cells, and a healthy immune system.
It is found in animal products, such as meat, dairy, eggs, and shellfish.
Therefore, if left untreated, vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause serious blood diseases and neurological issues. We reveal the most common 5 warning signs linked to vitamin B-12 deficiency.

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