Ideal Exercises For Your Body Type


Exercising will give you the results you expect only when you adjust your training to the specific shape of your body. In this article we will give you the four most common body types, and once you determine which part of your body needs the most attention, you will be able to choose the right exercise for your shape.

Pear Shape

If your body shape resembles a pear, you have a body shape similar to Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Love Hewitt. With this shape, the upper part of your body is thinner than the lower part.
In pear-shaped bodies, the hips and thighs are the central part, so if you have this shape, you should focus on exercises that involve these parts. But, you should also do some exercises for the upper part of your body, including activities that involve your arms and shoulders. This is important, because the upper part needs as much attention as the lower part.
It is important to add walking, running, and riding a bicycle to your daily training. Exercise for 45 minutes per day, 5 times a week. These physical activities will not put excess pressure on your knees, ankles and hips. For your arms and shoulders, start exercising with some lighter weights, and increase the weight gradually.
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