How to Start Working Out When You Haven’t Exercised in Ages (or Ever)

How do they do it? People who work out consistently, be it every day or just three times a week – they’re somewhat of a mystery to you.
Especially friends who, up till recently, seemed glued to their couch, amaze you. How can it be that they are rocking their new year’s resolution (or their random decision to start exercising more) and you just can’t seem to get started or stick with a routine for more than a couple of weeks?
By now, you probably feel like working out is just not your thing. Like you’re not meant to be fit. Like life is too busy and you don’t have enough willpower to push through and exercise anyway.
You might have signed up at a gym, to get yourself stick with it. But the last time you were there was… wait, when? Clearly, that didn’t work…
And that’s not really a surprise. While this tactic might work for some,starting a workout routine is very personal and can’t be done in a one-size-fits-all way.
You need an approach that works for you – not your friend, coworker or the neighbor’s gardener.
Only by considering your unique situation, you’ll be able to make a lasting change, make your workout routine a part of your daily life and enjoy all the great benefits that come with getting fit.
How to do that? Here are a few steps you can take regardless of how fit you are, your exercise preferences or your lifestyle.
Let’s go!

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