How to Make Gift Box for Kids Project


To appreciate the small gifts that you receive in your life, you can return the favor by wrapping some magnificent gifts by using handmade gift box made from the scrapbook paper. As this project is dedicated for kids, the tutorials are very simple and easy to follow. You can make some amazing gift boxes with your kids.
Before moving to step-by-step instructions, you and your kids can start gathering the materials and tools to make this simple yet quirky gift box. Later, your kids can use it to wrap their heartfelt gift for someone special in their life. This handmade gift box is certainly quick to make. It is also hand-crafted which makes it feel more personalized. One thing that needs to be considered when making your own gift box is that it is also inexpensive.
For this DIY gift box project, you can prepare:

  • Craft papers with various colors
  • Ribbons with various colors
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper glue
  • Paper punch (optional)

Step 1. Take one scrapbook paper and put it on your working table. You can ask your kid to draw the box on the scrapbook paper by using a pencil and a ruler. The design of the box can be seen from the picture. If you find that your kid has some difficulties in making the drawing, you can always help him/her out.

Step 2. After the drawing is finished, make sure to check the width and height of each side of the box. Make sure that each side has an equal measure as it will determine the shape of the box later on. You don’t want the gift box to be unsymmetrical, do you? Then, you can ask your kid to cut the box based on the outer lines as shown in the picture.

Step 3. When your kid has finished cutting the outer lines of the box, the next step is to fold each line that has been made. You can ask your kid to fold it using the aid of the ruler. Place the ruler directly on one line. Use one hand to press the ruler tightly onto the line and use the other hand to fold the paper. Repeat the step to fold all dimensions of the box. Later on, you can repeat folding the paper to tighten the shape of the box.

Step 4. Before gluing each side of the box, you can make some decorations to make this handmade gift box more beautiful. As in this project, the decoration is some flowers made of the scrapbook paper. After the template is made, use it to make four paper flowers. Then, on each side of the box, glue flower and attach it on the outer center of each side of the box as seen in the picture. Let the glue to set for awhile.

Step 5. Then, take the paper punch and make one hole on each tip of the box side. After all four tips of the box sides are being punched, fold the box altogether. If you don’t have any paper punch in your house, you can make the hole by using scissors. But, if you want to use the scissors, make sure to do it carefully as the paper is easily torn.

Before closing the box with the ribbon, you can ask tour kid to insert the gift inside the box. After the gift is placed, close the tip of the box with the ribbon. Always look at the picture as the reference. After the box is sealed with ribbon, your DIY gift box is finished.