How to make Fabric Thread on a Spool Ornament


I am going to have a Christmas tree filled with handmade ornaments using Liberty of London fabrics this year. I shared my Framed Fabric Ornament tutorial last time, and I have a new ornament tutorial to share today.
I bought these wooden spools at Hobby Lobby the other day and painted them white…

Here is the list of what you will need to make one ornament:

Wooden spool
1/2″ wide fabric strip at least 36″ long to 45″
Fabric glue
2 head pins
2 Pearls (need to be larger than the hole in the spool)
1 glass bead(smaller than the pearl)
9″ twine
Round-nose pliers
Wire cutter

How to make Fabric Thread on a Spool Ornament

1. Twist the fabric strip to make fabric thread. (I used my sewing machine to hold the tip so I can twist the fabric)

2. Put a small dab of fabric glue on to the tip of the thread and glue it to the spool. Wind the thread around the spool and put some fabric glue to the end and glue the tip between the winded thread.

3. String a pearl to the head pin. Then, string the spool with fabric thread and string another pearl on top.

4. Bend the wire at the pearl and cut off the excess. Shape the wire to create the loop.

5. String the glass bead to the head pin. Using the same method as the pearl, make a loop. Hook that on to the loop with the pearl. String the twine and tie the knots to finish it off.

You are ready to make more! I had fun going through my collection of Liberty of London and trying to decided which fabric will become “thread”. I made 6 different spools.

here are several ways to connect the fabric strips, but I sewed them together. If you decided to tie them, that part will be a little bulky and more noticeable when you wind the fabric thread around the spool. It was unexpectedly fun to create my own fabric thread, I might start doing that with my scraps!