How to make Easy Ombre Pumpkin Button Craft


Because button crafts are so easy to make, they’re great crafts to make with friends or family, especially kids! You don’t have to think too hard while working on them, so it gives you a great chance to just enjoy the day and chat! I made my ombre DIY pumpkin button craft on a pallet board and made three pumpkins, but another cute alternative would be to just make one or two pumpkins glued onto paper and put in a frame (in front of the frame’s glass). Or just make one pumpkin on a smaller square of wood. Be creative, and as always, have fun!

Easy Ombre Pumpkin Button Craft


Buttons – in at least three shades of orange and green. I prefer Favorite Findings brand buttons, usually available at most craft stores and Walmart.
Hot Glue
Pallet Board (mine measures 3.5″ x 14″)
Sanding Block (if necessary)
Ruler/Tape Measure
Circle Template (2″ plastic cap was used)


1. If necessary, lightly sand your pallet board to remove any rough edges and cut “fuzzies.”
2. Separate your buttons into your lightest to darkest colors.
3. With a pencil, lightly draw a pumpkin shape at the top and bottom of your pallet board, then add one in the middle, evenly spacing them apart. Your “sketches” should be very basic- essentially ovals/circles with curved stems.

4. Using a hot glue gun, glue the buttons onto the outline. Continue with a second and third layer, if desired. Move onto the other two pumpkins and repeat. I made my top pumpkin white/tan, my middle one orange, and my bottom one ocher/brown. Once all the buttons are glued down, you’re done!

The end result is an adorable DIY fall pumpkin decoration that will look beautiful displayed in your home!

This is such a fun, frugal, and unique way to make DIY fall wall art!