How to make a perfect circle with jewelry wire


Today we are going to continue with jewelry making basics and learn how to make a large circle using jewelry wire.

Now you see what magic a simple circle can do. Let’s start making one!


Wrap a piece of jewelry wire (I recommend 20 gauge or thicker) around a ring mandrel to form a circle (picture 1-2). If you don’t have a mandrel, be creative and just find something round!  A bottle, a cup, or even a cookie cutter can do!
Different jewelry wire has different flexibility. Generally speaking, gold filled wire will bounce back a little after taking off the mandrel; whereas cheap craft wire is easier to bend and will stay in shape. Therefore, when creating a circle in certain size, you need to take into consideration the kinds of wire you are using.


Bend one end of the wire to an L shape using a flat nose plier (picture 3). Keep this end for now so we can create a loop in step 3.
Using a flat nose plier, bend the other end as shown in picture 5 to close the circle. Cut extra wire off using a wire cutter (picture 6) and squeeze it tight as shown in picture 7.


To create a small loop at the top of the circle, bend the L shape wire to the other end and wrap it around the chain nose plier (picture 9). Again, cut extra wire off using a wire cutter.
Now you have a perfect circle you can use as the base of your jewelry design.