How to Make a (Paint Stir Stick) Sunburst Mirror


What You’ll Need:  46-50 paint stir sticks; wood base, 7” embroidery hoop, 7” circle mirror, gorilla glue or hot glue, paintbrush, Xacto knife, plastic spray paint (optional, and not necessary if you use a wood hoop), craft paints in various colors; picture hanger (not shown)  Tools: miter saw.

Paint your embroidery hoop.  (I used spray paint made for plastic to get it to really stick, but Danielle simply paints hers with craft paint).  Glue your mirror to the wood base and allow it to dry.  Once the paint on your embroidery hoop is dry, glue it directly on top of your mirror.
Some paint stir sticks have a small curve in them, so I simply trimmed mine with my compound miter saw.  You could also use a miter box.

Test out your design around your mirror so you know how many sticks you’ll need to paint.

Next, add your picture hanger to the back of your wood base before you glue your sticks on.  I stole one from a wall frame I wasn’t using anymore.

Paint the stir sticks whatever color you like with craft paint.  Mine are painted with two colors, Metallic Sahara Gold and Metallic Taupe (mixed with a little gold), both colors by Folk Art.  You’ll need two coats.

Different golds and wood textures are a bit rustic and a bit glam too.

I can also see these in a dark stain, vivid hues, or whitewashed beachy colors too.

Attach the sticks with either Gorilla Glue or hot glue.  I used Gorilla Glue because it dries slower so I could move the sticks around a bit if I needed to.  Only a pea size though because it foams!  You can see I painted over the plastic spray paint on the embroidery hoop with a first layer of gold craft paint.

Add your second layer of sticks right on top.

Use your Xacto knife to remove any unwanted glue or paint from your mirror.

I filled in those small gaps around the hoop with a tiny bit of paintable caulk.

Expense for supplies I didn’t have: Hoop $3; Paint $3; Mirror $2; Wood Base $2; Sticks FREE!   Total cost = $10