How to Make a Heart Lariat Style Necklace:DIY


Summary: Look for Thanksgiving Day’s presents? Great! In today’s tutorial, I will share you how to make a lariat style necklace with detail steps. I believe it will be a perfect present. Hope you will like it!

This DIY lariat necklace is made out of chains and beads. It is very easy to make. I choose orange drop glass bead to make the dangle, which looks so twinkling and warm. The heart brass link adds a touch of chic to the whole design. Now, follow me to learn how to make a lariat style necklace!

Materials needed in DIY heart lariat style necklace:

Drop Electroplate Glass Beads
Brass Chain
0.3MM Copper Wire
Brass Links.

Step 1: Make bead dangles for the lariat style necklace

1st, cut off about 10cm 0.3mm copper wire, thread the wire to a drop glass bead, twist wires about 1cm, and make a loop, then wrap the extra wire around the bead, do another six drop glass beads in the same way;
2nd, cut off about 35cm brass chain, use a jumpring to attach one drop glass bead dangle to the end brass circle;
3rd, attach another six drop glass bead dangles in the same way, keep the distance between every two drop glass beads is about 5mm.

Step 2: Finish the DIY heart lariat style necklace

1st, use a jumpring to connect a heart brass link to the other end circle of the brass chain;
2nd, thread the seven drop glass beads of the other chain to the brass link.
Here is the final look of DIY heart lariat style necklace:

So far, this DIY heart lariat style necklace has been finished! You must have learnt how to make a lariat style necklace. It’s a cinch to make. Take your imagination, and make such elegant lariat style necklace as a gift for Thanksgiving Day. Have so much fun!