If you’re one of those “lucky” ones that is blessed with thin, barely there hair, if you’ve come to the right place! Today you’ll learn how to grow your hair faster, healthier, and thicker!. Remember that most people aren’t born with a thick head of long, luscious locks…they actually abide to some very specific rules! And if you aren’t taking care of your hair properly, your hair will just remain thin and short. So roll up your sleeves because it’s time that you too, grow a head-full of envy hair.

How to Grow Your Hair Faster Guide

#1. Get Regular Trims

Ironically, scissors ARE your friend. And I know that if your hair doesn’t grow too much, the last thing you want to do is take a pair of scissors to it, but believe me, there is NO better trick than to regular trim your split ends every 10-12 weeks. Only an eighth of an inch is all that you need to take off – you won’t even notice it! If you never trim your split ends, your splits will eventually make their way to the top of your scalp and break there which is a big no-no.
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