How to Create a Hairstyle with a Bandana


A bandana is also called a kerchief, known as a head scarf. It is used to warp the hair as a hair accessory. It comes in two main geometry, triangle and square. The triangular or square kerchief is usually tied around the head. Moreover, the bandana can be other fashionable accessories, like a headband or a bracelet.

Today’s post will tell you how you can create a hairstyle by a bandana. If you learn some skills from here, you can handle the bandana easily. Also, you can find many bandana hair designs below. First, let’s see what steps we will take to play the hair tricks.
Step 1 Decide what function you want a bandana to be and begin with folding the cloth if you want it to be a headband.
Step 2 Fold a tip of a square piece cloth and make a triangle look
Step 3 Fold the bottom tips upwards
Step 4 Fold the bottom several times until it meets the previous folding line
Step 5 Finish the headband and style your hair look
Step 6 Tie the bandana around your head

When you are familiar with the tricks of bandana, you are longing to have more hairstyles with bandana for sure. Here are 6 ways for you to rock the bandana.
1 Tie it under a updo
2 Tie it in a ponytail
3 Wrap it behind the top bun and tie a front knot
4 Tie it in a side bow
5 Wrap it around a bun
6 Wrap it around the head simply

The bandana is popular in many cultures and the designs are different. If you also love the hairstyles, have no hesitation to tie a bandana to spice up your hair do. You can start with checking out the bandanas hair designs below. We have picked up some pretty hairstyles with bandana for you. Enjoy!