How to contour

Easy Contouring For Beginners

Like every other part of makeup, contouring differs depending on the occasion. It is pretty obvious that your everyday makeup should differ from your night out one. But one thing remains – foundation first no matter what, and then you can take your contouring and highlighting brushes and proceed. Here are some more great tips and tricks on how to contour your face that are must know for every girl and woman who wants to slay. We hope that our expanded how to contour tutorial will become your guide in this.

Contouring sticks, cream contour palettes, and other types of non powdery product serve to give you a bold and defined face shape. This is perfect for a dramatic night out or special occasion look that will show up and look great on photos. Powdery makeup will give you a sheer and polished look. This is just what every woman and girl needs for everyday. By the way, applying translucent powder before your powder bronzer helps you to make your contour more blended and seamless.

We will dive deeper into the topic of shades. So, what shades are the most flattering for different skin tones? Light to medium skin toned women should look for a taupe or gray undertone in their bronzer. But no way grayish, otherwise, it will look like mud. And we don’t want that for sure. If your skin tone is medium deep to dark, your perfect bronzer should have a warm undertone.

The thing you should steer clear of in contour makeup is shimmer. Your product has to be completely matte. Shimmer attracts light and brightens up the part of the face where it is applied. As we are trying to hide things, shimmer is exactly what we should avoid because it gives you the effect that is totally opposite. Highlighter should be the only shimmery thing when it comes to contouring.

Speaking of the devil, highlighter and blush will help you balance all out. They should be of the same texture as the contouring product. They give you that natural glow from the inside, make your makeup very natural as though you woke up like this. So, don’t miss this step in any case. Put the highlighter on the top of the cheek bones, underneath your brow bone, into the inner corners of your eyes, onto the Cupid’s bow, and on the bridge of the nose. Do not own a highlighter, a shimmery champagne color from your eye shadow palette will do the job. Want your highlight to be blinding? Use lip balm underneath and your highlight will be seen from the outer space. As for the blush, it is applied to the apples of your cheeks. Smile and you will instantly know where to put it.

Eye makeup is the final step in your contour. It also depends on what you want to achieve. Take some of your bronzer and apply it to your eye crease with a smaller blending brush. This will make your eyes bigger and more defined. There is also a great life hack for those who go for a more extreme version of eye makeup. Do your eye makeup before foundation and contouring. In this way you will be able to clean up all the eye shadow fallout easily and not smudge it all over the face and ruin your hard work of contouring.


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