Every Woman Should Know These 11 Tricks With Baking Soda


When it comes to looks and health, women do pay a lot of attention and self-care when it comes to using products meant for their hair, skin, teeth and so on. Some of the products are actually filled with harmful ingredients and also damages the parts that were meant to be used for.

We all do know the wonders of the baking soda, as it’s one of the best ingredients that we can use for cooking, and also has other hidden benefits like teeth whitening, you can make mixtures for cleaning etc. Baking soda is used for many things so these are some 11 “hacks” that we gathered when it comes to the benefits of baking soda:

1. Treat Kidney Disease

According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, bicarbonate is an alkaline substance that is produced by the body which boosts up acids and keeps our pH levels balanced. People that suffer from kidney disease have difficulties to manage the acids in their body, but a recent British study research showed that baking soda helped reducing the rate of kidney decline by 2/3.
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