Essential Vitamins for Women

The human body needs a variety of nutrients to work properly. Among these nutrients, vitamins play a key role. Both men and women need vitamins, but their bodies are different. That’s why women need specific vitamins that are essential for their health.

Your body cannot produce all the nutrients you need, so you have to get them from food. A healthy diet that includes plenty of fruit and veggies should be able to provide the body with the daily recommended intake of vitamins and other nutrients, but sometimes women may need the support of supplements.

Researchers estimate that up to 30% of pregnant women suffer from vitamin deficiencies, and 75% have a deficiency in at least one vitamin. Different ages have different needs when it comes to vitamins, but a lack of vitamins can have severe consequences, including issues during pregnancy and after, risk of infections, and a weak body that struggles to recover from diseases.


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