Draining Your Lymph Fluids May Solve Your Health Issues – Here’s How to Unclog It

Introducing the Lymphatic System

This system touches almost every part of the body, and while we may not feel it – it’s always there, working away.
While the circulatory system brings nutrients to our organs and tissues, the lymphatic system works to dispose of toxins and waste. In short, your lymph system is your bodies pathway for drainage, playing an important role in immunity and also in natural detoxification.
When it comes to immunity, this system protects the body against any outside threats; infections, bacteria and cancer cells. Our largest lymphatic tissue in the body is the spleen, and boy-oh-boy is this underestimated for its importance. As our main immune defense, the spleen fights infection, destroys worn-out red blood cells and holds a reserve of white and red blood cells.

In addition to lymphatic organs and glands which also include your thymus and tonsils, we also have between 500-700 lymph nodes that are spread throughout the body. Lymph nodes filter lymph fluid, a clear substance that comes from your blood plasma – containing nutrients, oxygen, hormones, toxins and cellular waste. They also house lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) which play a role in your immune system. If you’re familiar with B-cells and T-cells, these are lymphocytes which are found in lymph nodes and lymph tissues
While this is all fascinating stuff that’s taking place in your body. There is an issue that comes up with this system.
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