Draining Your Lymph Fluids May Solve Your Health Issues – Here’s How to Unclog It


When we think about WHY we get bloated, the blame game often starts at digestion.
The two just go together, don’t they? The foods we eat are troubling our digestive system, and then we experience that unbearable bloat and feeling of sudden weight gain as a result.
What do we do? We typically focus on bettering digestion, by removing our trigger foods and taking supplements such as bitter herbs to support enzymatic production and probiotics to balance gut flora.
We may also decide that it’s time for a seasonal ‘cleanse’ that focuses on resetting digestion and improving liver health.
But there is another system.
One that we are forgetting about.
You see, in your body, there is a rather complicated network that consists of fluid-filled nodes, vessels, glands, and organs – and it’s not your circulatory system.
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