Dollar Tree Contact Paper and Used Boxes Wall Art

Okay y’all, I was in the Dollar Tree a couple days ago and found some awesome stuff. But before we get to that can I just say that I’m loving Dollar Tree? OK, I know I’ve said that before but each time I go it gets better and better.
They are blowing my mind with all the things they can sell for a dollar!!
Now days I can’t go in there and not come out with a bagful of things. It’s just like Target, go in for soap and come out with everything you don’t need!
Anyway, I found this awesome stuff:
Contact paper with a beautiful design on it. The light bulb in my head went off and I knew I had to have it for a project I’ve been wanting to do.
This is how you make wall art using Dollar Tree Contact Paper and some used boxes.
Since I have a slight hoarding problem and a love for boxes I will save boxes because I know I can find a good use for them. And now I have!
All you need are some used boxes whatever size you would like. These are the ones I used:
Four of them to be exact.
The first thing you need to do is tape up any open parts of your box. Next I spray painted the front of my boxes white so that you wouldn’t see the lettering popping through. I only did this because my Contact paper was a light color. If you have a darker color you may not need to do it.
All you are going to do is cut your Contact paper down to size so that you can ‘wrap’ your boxes.
Wrap like so.
Don’t worry if you have some places showing. All you need to do is cut a little piece and fill it in.
Wrap all of your boxes and voila!
All I did was find the middle of my box and slice a little hole in it with my scissors so that I could hang it on a nail in my wall.
Then you are ready to hang!!
Love these!! After I made these I decided to go a little further and fill in the blank spot next to them. So I used 2 Mac n Cheese boxes taped together.
I’m not sure if I like the Mac n Cheese one. I’m still thinking I may just wait to have 2 more of the Granola boxes and just have 6 of the same size boxes. But overall, I love it!