Do You Sleep On Your Side? Learn About The Powerful Effects One Simple Change Can Have on Your Body


Sleeping on your side is the most natural and common sleeping position. There’s nothing like snoozing on your side! Most people have been slumbering in this position since they were tiny fetuses and it’s no wonder that they continue in this comfy, cozy posture. If it weren’t so comfortable, why would 74 percent of the people in the world sleep in this position anyway (1)?
However, sleep experts still don’t recommend it as an ideal sleeping position despite it having benefits of its own. Simply because, sleeping on the side also has its negatives, which can sometimes outweigh the positives.
That said, you don’t have to change your sleeping position entirely. After all, sleeping on the side does have benefits. And whatever drawbacks it does have can be eliminated with one simple change! Before we reveal that change, let’s weigh in the pros and cons of sleeping on your side-
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