DIY tree branch frame ideas


The idea of framing waxed tree branch and hang it as wall décor is very popular today. It simply puts your entire interior into balance and gives it natural and fresh touch at the same time. This is a wall décor that you can make by yourself even if you are targeting a premium look. Let’s see these ideas below and understand what it takes to DIY.

  • Horizontal Four Frames Tree Branch

The idea is to deliver the image a side of a tree branch silhouette. The impression is spread among the frames, giving it a dramatic and clever strategy to fill the entire wall length. The simple frame only makes it perfect for a modern décor. The plain white décor and consistent black finish on both the frame and branches are a brilliant combination.

  • Branches on Silvery Frame

This is more about how to bridge rustic feeling in an elegant décor for the room. You only need to attach the branch on the back of the frame to create this look. Combine the branch natural color with elegant color like silver in this frame, or even gold.

  • Vertically Framed Branches

It feels like looking to branches through vertical windows from inside the room. This is a perfect décor for a narrow but tall vacant wall. The black simple frame is modern while the branches give it a rustic touch. Cut a small tree to frame and give consistent space between frames for this look.

  • Branches with Light on Rustic Frames

The frames are made out of wood panels, the reclaimed ones. Attach the branches from the back of the frame at the inside and add the tiny lamps on several of its top ends. It looks warm and romantic while being stylish. In alternative, you can add LED lights at the bottom for more dramatic atmosphere.

  • Boughs and Branches on Rustic Frame

This idea incorporates boughs and branches, probably from two different trees. They are finished in different color and probably at their natural colors too. Attach on the inside of the rustic frame, this wall décor is perfect for farmhouse feeling. It delivers natural, warm, as well as winter feeling from the frame finished. Gorgeous!

As you can imagine, it isn’t hard to make this décor. It will be fast to make it as well. All you need is wood wax, glue, and any frame you see fit. You’ll get the premium and stylish look effortless.