DIY – Shabby Chic Flower Pots – Tutorial

For this easy but very beautiful project you will need a couple of things from your granny’s sewing basket unless.
…unless you happen to have some vintage looking lace, appliques and trim.
Things you need for this project:
* A flower pot, I found these ones with texture in them but you can try this with the regular ceramic pots found anywhere.
*A vintage looking Doily.
* lace trim
* 1 Lace applique
* Paint
* Hot glue
I started by painting the pots with some left over paint from a sample colour that I chose for my guest bedroom
Its a nice shade of golden grey.
I covered the entire outside of the pot but left the interior intact in case I decide to put a real plant one day so the paint didn’t hurt the plant.
sanded the pot after it dried for extra character.
I then painted the applique with the same paint, I only did one applique and saved the other for another project.
I then glued the applique to the pot, I used some hot glue but if you’re going to use that make sure you apply it thinly and on the edges so it doesn’t “bleed” through the fabric.
This is how the first pot looked at the end.
Now I’m going to show you how I made the other flower pot using a doily
Doilies are very easy to find nowadays, you can go to the thrift shop, garage sales or even ask your grandma but if you still can’t find it, Michaels has them too…but the new type… I prefer the vintage feel for this project so if you end up with a newer type, wash it in tea for a few minutes, dry and use… it’ll look just as old as mine..
I cut the center of the doily to create the trim.
I cut the center of the doily to create the trim.