DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Trees


Easy and inexpensive felt Christmas trees perfect for adding a natural element to your holiday decor.

Hands down, my favorite place to look for easy to DIY decor ideas are store catalogs and websites. They usually have tons of inspiration and most can be completed for a fraction of the original price.

I recently stumbled upon some felt trees on Target’s website that I fell in love with.  I wasn’t really planning on making them, but when someone commented that they would love a tutorial, I couldn’t resist.


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-Felt (about a half yard per tree)
Hot glue gun
Tree template

These little rustic trees are SUPER easy to make and cost next to nothing, thanks to mother nature.  I bought my felt at Joann’s and was lucky enough to catch a 50% off sale.  (I used about a half yard of felt for each tree.)

To make things easy, I searched online for a Christmas tree template and found this one.  I printed it out then used my scanner to resize it down to three different sizes.

I folded the template in half then folded my felt in half and started cutting out trees.  Many, many trees!
After all my trees were cut my son and I went hiking in the woods for the perfect log and sticks.  Using my chop saw, I cut the wood down to make the tree stands then got started gluing.
I simply folded each piece of felt in half, applied hot glue to the fold then added the felt to the stick. Make sure the stick is about a half inch from the top of each felt tree top.  I repeated these steps over (and over and over……) until my tree was full.
After I had all my felt trees glued it was time to make the “peak.”  To do this I added glue to the center and worked each piece into the glue until I was happy with the shape.
After I had all the felt trees glued I gave each one a little trim to shape them up then glued the stick onto the wood base.  I used hot glue, but I think wood glue would actually hold up much better.  I may even end up using a drill bit to drill a small hole in the base, allowing the stick to slip down into the base. Regardless, I’m loving how they turned out!
As much as I like the white and tan trees, my favorite is definitely the traditional green Christmas tree.