DIY No-Sew Rope Coil Basket


I have been swooning over all of the simple yet gorgoues rope baskets. I knew I had to figure out an easy way to make one. I went to my local fabric warehouse and found the perfect “rope” – natural cotton piping. I spent $6 on cording for this good sized basket. This piping is used for making cording for sofas and pillows! Traditional rope baskets are made using a sewing machine, but I opted for the easy method – hot glue gun. Using glue will not make the basket as secure and heavy duty as a rope basket that has been sewn. Our basket makes a prefect place to hold your knitting projects or stuffed animals for blankets. I dressed up the basket by adding leather handles.

3/8 inch Natural Cotton Piping – 25 yards //
scissors //
hot glue gun//
bucket or basket //
*For a more study basket, you can use rope from the hardware store. Yardage depending on size of basket.

1. I used a galvanized metal bucket to model my basket for shape and size. Start by wrapping the cord (keep tape on end of cord) and applying hot glue in between every inch of cording.
2. Wrap and glue. Wrap and glue.
3. Place the flat bottom portion of glued cording on the bottom of bucket. At this point, start glueing the cording together on the top of cord to build the basket shape.
4. Continue wrapping and glueing.
5. Once you have glued enough cording to the desired basket size, remove the cord basket from bucket.
6. To end the basket, use clear tape to wrap around end of cord. Glue gun to basket. My basket is 8.5 inches tall and 11 inches wide handle to handle. Check your glueing skills and double check that there are not any spots missing glue!

Leather handle supplies:  Leather Hole Punch Tool// leather straps // rivet set // scissors

1. Punch holes onto each side of 10 inch leather straps using leather punch.
2. Place rivet inside hole. Place strap onto basket. Hammer in the rivet.
3. Make sure the rivet is secure. You might need to add extra hot glue where the rivet went through the cording.
4. Now you have a beautiful rope coil basket! This basket is not meant for holding heavy items. It is perfect for knitting yarn, stuffed animals, etc. It is meant to be a decorative basket.