Crazy Easy Anthro Knockoff Bracelet


These are sweet little fabric wrapped cuffs that are decorated with a bit of bling. They come together really fast – like a half an hour.
{Though that info is NOT in the title – nor will it ever be again. Apparently when you include the time it takes you to make something in the title of the post it incites riots. Just in case you were wondering.}

Aren’t they cute??
And here’s what you’ll need to make your own!

  • 1 metal cuff – these came from Michael’s but you can find them on Etsy too
  • Fabric for wrapping
  • Pin or vintage earring or other decorative piece
  • Hot Glue, E-600

Start by cutting two 2″ x 2″ pieces of your fabric. Glue the square of fabric to the end of the cuff, so half the fabric is on the cuff, and half can be wrapped to the back.

Trim any extra fabric, wrap it to the back and glue down.

Repeat for the other end of the cuff.
Cut a long strip of fabric, about 45″ x 2″. Fold one side over and glue the strip to the back of the cuff. For all the fabric glueing, I used a hot glue gun.
Start wrapping the strip around the cuff, with the folded edge covering the unfolded edge as you wrap.

Continue wrapping until you reach the other side of the cuff. Add a bit of glue under the fold each time you wrap to hold the fabric in place.
When you get to the last wrap of the cuf, fold over both sides and tuck the end of the strip under. Glue the end to the back side of the cuff.

Now glue your decorative piece in the center of the cuff. E-6000 will hold this down a little better and be less messy.
You can use a brooch, a big button, vintage clip-on earrings – anything that you want!
You will just want to clip off any metal pieces that make the piece sit up too high. You can usually use heavy duty wire clippers for that.

It’s so easy to make up cuffs for any outfit or style! I love how this pink version came together! I used a lightweight voile for the fabric and a vintage clip-on earring.
(a seriously huge clip-on earring)

These would make great presents or stocking stuffers too!

What do you think? Crazy Easy right? 🙂
What color combination would you make first?