Cool Arts and Crafts Ideas for Teens


It’s hard to engage the teens for some arts and crafts projects, unless it is their passion or it is cool enough. If you try to give them some positive activities and craft is your decision, the following ideas should be fun to try.

  1. Pattern Tape Wall Art

This is basically a simple craft project. They will be asked to form some shapes using the tape and then paint the exposed parts with watercolor or oil paints. The possibility for variations is limitless and the result is pretty amazing. It is easy for them to create something stylish for their home wall décor even.


  1. Galaxy Shoes

This project will require only some paint work on their old shoes. The idea is to create the galaxy look on the shoes with combination of colors and techniques. It can be tricky a little but it should be really fun. In fact, most kids find the shoes cool to wear as well. Let them create a twist for their outfit with this project.

  1. Crayon Art

Crayon is fun but maybe not for the teens, unless they get to make something different like this. This requires a little creativity in making color combination. They will learn how to melt the crayon with heat and create dramatic and artistic effect on the art work. This is something with possibilities for self variation and expression they will love.

  1. Pencil Parabolic Curves

This is going to be a cool project even for the older teens. All you need is pencils on the same length, glue gun, and a little creativity. This is complicated enough to make them feel challenged while it is fun enough to do as well as it results in very cool table décor.

  1. Cracked Nail Polish Stones

This is pretty much a fun thing to make. Girls will love to make many of this in small sizes and gather it in a bowl for a décor. Meanwhile, the boys will prefer for a bigger size to complete their table décor at home. While it requires only simple supplies, the making alone is pretty easy too. Try the galactic theme for cool look.

These projects don’t look like lame craft projects. Your teens will love to make it, while if they do it seriously enough, the result will be awesome. It will worth to display and hang even. So, which one do you want to start with?