Weight loss and body transformation does not come easy and requires a lot of self-control and dedication. Anybody who is health aware should care about their bodies and not just about the way they look but also for the general health of the body and the optimal functioning of it.
In order to achieve this, you need only two things: a clean and healthy diet and exercise.
You don’t need anything fancy or expensive you only need your gym membership and your own motivation to succeed. Exercise along with a healthy diet will give you the results you need only if you stick to it. Along with a clean diet do these 5 important exercises in order to speed up the process of weight loss and toning up your body.

The plank is a simple exercise that affect a lot of muscle types at once and can burn a lot of calories even while you are staying still. That makes the plank a very effective exercise and a must do in the home or the gym.
Start by taking a push-up position on the floor and then bend you elbows at a 90-degree angle. Support your body with the toes too and stay in that position as much as you can while keeping your body straight. Make sure to extend the plank time each time you do it. The ultimate goal is 4 minutes.

This is the most common exercise that also works with many muscle types at once. Support your body on your hands and feet and push up your body with your back in a straight line.

Stand up straight with you back and widen your legs just a little bit. Bend you knees in the squat position at a 90-degree angle and start repeating the movement. This is very useful exercise as it can burn fat much faster and help you build stronger core, legs, back legs and hamstrings.

Support your body with your knees and hands. Stretch one hand and one leg of the opposite side and alternate between them. Keep your body balanced and straight.

Lying Hip Raises:
These raises will work with your glutes and hamstrings. All you need to do is lie on you back and lift your body up with the soles of your feet. Squeeze you glute muscles while you do the repetitions.

4 Week Workout Plan:
1st Workout

1 minute plank
1 minute push-ups
2 minute squats
1 minute bird-dog
1 minute lying hip raises
1 minute plank
1 minute push-ups
2 minute squats
2nd Workout
3 minute plank
3 minute bird-dog
3 minute lying hip raises
1 minute push-ups
All you need to do is alternate between these two groups of exercises every week in this order.
1st Week
Day 1 – 1st workout
Day 2 – 2nd workout
Day 3 – 1st workout
Day 4 – 2nd workout
Day 5 – 1st workout
Day 6 – 2nd workout
Day 7 – Rest
2nd Week
Day 1 – 2nd workout
Day 2 – 1st workout
Day 3 – 2nd workout
Day 4 – 1st workout
Day 5 – 2nd workout
Day 6 – 1st workout
Day 7 – Rest
After you have finished these 2 weeks repeat them once more and that would be the final 4-week weight loss and body transformation period.

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