9 Relaxing Yoga Poses to Release Shoulder + Back Pain

9 Yoga Poses to Release Shoulder and Back Pain

Child’s Pose | 8 breaths


This classic pose uses yoga blocks to open up the front of the shoulders while releasing tension in the lower back.

  1. Begin on the floor in a tabletop position. Place two blocks shoulder-width distance apart at the top of your mat.
  2. Bring your big toes together to touch and take your knees out wide. Sit your hips back onto your heels, then walk your hands forward to lower your chest down.
  3. Place your hands on the blocks. Let your forehead rest down and close your eyes. Hold for eight deep breaths.

Supported Fish | 8 breaths


In this relaxing variation of fish pose, two yoga blocks will help you to release tightness through the front of the shoulders, chest, and neck.

  1. To begin, place a block going lengthwise down the center of the mat. Make sure it is on the medium or lowest setting. This will support your back. Then, place another block going across the top of your mat on the same height to support your head.
  2. Gently lower yourself down so that the lengthwise block rests between your shoulder blades. Make sure that your hips are still on the ground.
  3. Adjust the top block so that it rests under your head like a pillow. Reach your arms out to the sides with your palms facing up. You can keep your feet flat on the mat or straighten your legs out long if it feels comfortable.
  4. Close your eyes and relax for eight breaths.


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