6 ways to Apply Eye Makeup For Blue Eye

Blue eye are very attractive and rare to find. It being a heavenly gift need not be decorated much. Its calm and intense characteristic is dominating, making it difficult for a color choice. Blue eyes are identical so it need not be over loaded with tons of colorful eye shadows. Blue eyes are the ones men go gaga for. Bring them to focus, using simple trendy eye make up eye make for blue eye.

Eye Makeup for Blue Eye:

Step 1: Prime It Up 
Clean the eye thoroughly with cool water. Wait and dry them completely. Apply a thin layer of eye primer. It is a base; helps make up to stick around the eye.
Step 2: Even Out Well:
Use a concealer to cover the dark circles and the area where inner eye meets nose. Apply it skillfully, stroke the brush outwards making it blend with your cheekbone. Now set the concealer with power. Do apply it on eyelids as well.
Step 3: Color It Up
BLUE EYES can be colored up the way you want it. I will focus on three main types mainly:
Simple Daily Routine Colors: You can use nude or sheer shadows for daily routine. Flaunt at your office applying lighter colors. Light colors make your blue eyes identical. This simple style also can be used for morning make up.
Classic Smoky Eyes: Black smoky dusty eyes are the classic sex symbolized eye make up, unfortunately, it over shadows the blue balls. So when you are going for the smoky way use neutral shadows. Like browns, gold and baby pinks. When you are in a mood to rock and roll and just want to flaunt all over, use the naughtiest color contrast.
Tangy orange: Really? Yes, it is a solid contrast but believe me. Blue and orange would just dazzle up, making you look gorgeous.
Majestic Purple: Shades of blue and green would make it complicated for blue eyes. In addition, perplex the entire look of blue eyes. Purple makes magic with blue eyes.
Tera Cotta: Rust is the color for blue eyes. Just few strokes of rust with metallic colors make your eye stands out of crowd.
Step 4: Applying and Mixing of Eye Shadows
You can use any number of colors on your lid. I will go with 3-color formula.

  • Eyelid: Area between lash to brow bone.
  • Crease: Dip between brow bone and lid.

Use light, glittery color on your brow bone. Give nice strong strokes of the colors and highlight the area.

  • In the crease, use the darkest color.
  • On the eyelid, use the medium color.
  • Stroke by stroke try to blend it. Always stroke it outwards.

Step 5: Intensify the Lash Line
Use liquid eyeliner to give it a sexy hot look. Liquid liners give a high definition look. You can use MATTE liner to give a smoky look. Start from outside and complete it thinning on the inner side!
Step 6: Curl up the Lash and Damp it with some Mascara
After applying liner, curl the eyes. Never use a curler after applying mascara. It hurts the lashes. Always use mascara from inner side i.e. from lash to its tip. For a dramatic look, you can also apply mascara on the lower lash as well. You can use mascara with the formula you are happy with i.e. formulations with high defination, volume or length.
Six Steps and you are just beautified. Eye make up has to be done THE appropriate way.

Few Tips for You in an Expressway:

  • Never use finger, always use a proper brush..
  • Use wet cotton, to remove excess of make-up.
  • Use a beige pencil always to brighten blue eyes. (Use it under eye)
  • Please remove make up with a cleanser or a toner for a healthy skin.
  • Keep practicing and look beautiful.

Make up is a necessity today. Looking beautiful is a creative art. Enjoying learning and feel mesmerized. Blue eyes get ready to hypnotize!

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