6 Toxins Sabotaging Your Thyroid

The Sabotaging 6

Like a group of gangsters, certain toxins seek to disrupt your thyroid. While it may be functioning within normal limits, your thyroid may not be functioning optimally. Here are six of the worst offenders.

1. Soy

You may already know that the “soy is healthy” craze of several years ago has met with some opposition – and with good reason. Soy prevents your body from using iodine – a mineral that is converted into thyroid hormone. It also disrupts the conversion of T4 to T3 (active thyroid hormone).
In addition, soy products are genetically modified, and therefore toxic to your endocrine system.

2. Commercially-Prepared Baked Goods

As if you need another reason to avoid processed foods, right? Well, commercially-prepared baked goods (and some flours) often contain a substance called potassium bromate, a dough conditioner. This substance belongs to the bromide family. What’s so bad about that?
Bromides compete with your thyroid to capture iodine which, as you know, is essential for thyroid function. So skip the packaged pastries and breads, and opt for whole-grains that are prepared fresh.
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